Absenteeism is mah thang

Posted in ad hominem on September 28, 2008 by SIC]{FUC]{

If everyone is bound to have an unique signature ‘thing’ than, not being around for long periods of time must be mine. I’m moving, again, within the same city, again. I have an unseen future ex-residence to look forward to so I predict that my internets will be held hostage by my broadband provider exploiter for weeks. I know I aught to just disappear for 6 months in a row without any explanation, like I usually do, because I’m sugar sweet like that. I’m giving you a heads up on this one. I promise I won’t bail for months. Not this time.

I unpublished all previous posts, except for the defloration. Jeff stays.

I seem to write with a mere purpose of endless regretting, correcting, updating, improving, comma-fucking, perfecting and eventually killing it all off. I’d make a terrorific goddess. Being aesthetically inclined is one thing, but I’m just plain cruel.

Truth is, I simply don’t qualify as a blog-type person. I rewrote this short little message too often to deny the fact that I’m vain.


LH* freak, where have you been whole my life?!

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* long haired

Devendra Banhart – A Sight To Behold  [lyrics]

“It’s the little head inside your little hole,

and out spring a few sparkling thoughts.”

Prescription drug of the week: Ritalin®

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Boys will be boys. Even the ones with potential. Click. Discover him.

Gentlemen, do not despair…

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I could listen to his hedonism all day long.     [The Libertine: Prologue]

His sex is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

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Jeff Buckley’s ghost took my blog’s virginity

Posted in Jeff Buckley on September 10, 2008 by SIC]{FUC]{

He wandered, saw what he wanted, and he took it. Just took it.

Jeff Buckley – So Real  [lyrics]

Bless his soul.

“I love you …but I’m afraid to love you. I’m afraid.”