Absenteeism is mah thang

If everyone is bound to have an unique signature ‘thing’ than, not being around for long periods of time must be mine. I’m moving, again, within the same city, again. I have an unseen future ex-residence to look forward to so I predict that my internets will be held hostage by my broadband provider exploiter for weeks. I know I aught to just disappear for 6 months in a row without any explanation, like I usually do, because I’m sugar sweet like that. I’m giving you a heads up on this one. I promise I won’t bail for months. Not this time.

I unpublished all previous posts, except for the defloration. Jeff stays.

I seem to write with a mere purpose of endless regretting, correcting, updating, improving, comma-fucking, perfecting and eventually killing it all off. I’d make a terrorific goddess. Being aesthetically inclined is one thing, but I’m just plain cruel.

Truth is, I simply don’t qualify as a blog-type person. I rewrote this short little message too often to deny the fact that I’m vain.


One Response to “Absenteeism is mah thang”

  1. I love that picture…where did it come from?

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